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Coming from a small town, in an established Bible belt, and not being able to get books, supplies, and training to broaden my Spiritual journey, I always wanted to be able to set up a shop in the future that could alleviate this issue for others. Providing easy access to training, supplies and competitive pricing has been a dream. The end goal is to provide as much, and as varied, a supply as possible to suite all walks toward Spiritual ascension. I also offer traditional ritual tools, including Wands, Chalices, Altars, Incense, & Gemstones.

I offer books and tools covering a plethora of paths, from Christian, to Wiccan;  a full tier shop for all your Spiritual needs. By offering everyone a safe place for you to explore yourself and your relationship with the universe we all live in, I feel I am stepping into my path as a helper and guide. Everyday is a gift and full of promise! We hope you will join us in our Spiritual exploration.